MADE IN GERMANY since 1927.

A brush is a brush is a brush. But not if it’s from koziol; then it’s art. Not the kind of art that collects dust in a corner or stands around in a museum. koziol art is hands-on art that will always lend a helping hand.

All our products are designed, developed and produced in the wonderful Odenwald – since 90 years.

Our products are conservers of energy in a particularly beautiful form. For emotional energy! We produce friendship, love, luck and happiness and we use only modern technology for our trend-setting products. No duroplasts. BPA-free. No softeners. All production wastes are 100% recycled. It is not possible to be more conscious and pure in the use of raw materials. We adhere to all stringent German standards regarding work safety and waste disposal and we pay high German wages; this is not easy for our auditor.

But good for our partners around the world.

It doesn’t matter if winter, easter or summer – with us you will always find the right thing. Everything out of one hand and everything MADE IN GERMANY.

Have a look at our unique and stylish products.