A overview of payment methods at

Credit Card VISA and MasterCard

We accept all VISA and MasterCard credit cards. That means that you can buy products from our website without having to pay extra fees. Once the payment has been authorised we will send your order. Your payment can take anywhere from a few minutes to one day to process. There are no extra fees for paying via credit card.


PayPal makes it easy to make secure, reliable online purchases. Purchases are made in a secure online environment protected by specific PayPal security measures. Your payment will be processed in a matter of seconds. You can choose to pay via PayPal during the checkout process.


We accept payments from all banks connected to the Swedbank Portal.


All your payments are secured using SSL Certificates.

Cancelled orders

Orders that are cancelled after the payment has already been processed will be credited by our Administration department. You’ll receive a note of credit and you’ll always receive your payment via bank transfer. Please remember to fill in your bank account number when cancelling an order.

Refunds are processed as quickly as possible and will be completed within 30 days of the cancellation or return. Typically refunds go through within two to five business days.

Discount codes frequently offers discount codes as a way to thank our customers for their business. There are a number of different ways to get discount codes:

– You may receive a discount code from an employee, for any number of reasons.
– You may receive a discount code if you have registered to win a prize in the form of a discount code.
– You may find a discount code in an advertisement.

Finally, sometimes when you enter a discount code during the checkout process, you’ll randomly get a free item in your shopping cart. There are a number of different discount codes. Some codes apply a discount to some of the items in your shopping cart, and others subtract a percentage of the cost of your total order. If you aren’t sure which type of discount code your have, please contact customer service for assistance.

How do I use a discount code?

You can use a discount during the your checkout process by clicking on the ‘fill in discount code’ link.

PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE DISCOUNT CODE CAN BE USED PER ORDER. You will be able to apply a discount code to most orders, with a few exceptions. Discount codes cannot be used if there was a price quotation made for the order, or if the cost of the order was negotiated in advance, because in these situations a discount has usually already been applied.