Hosting Tips for a Girls’ Wine Night







Hosting Tips for a Girls’ Wine Night

Casual nights in with close friends are some of the finest moments. While there are a variety of ways to convince people to come over, hosting a “Wine Night” is a tried and true method. Here’s how you can make your moment to refresh a night in, at home, with your friends. 


Invite Friends: yeah, you could just drink wine by yourself, but that’s a Tuesday. This is Wine Night! Be sure to give all invitees an appropriate amount of heads up. As you know, your friends are super busy too, and their schedules fill up fast.

Purchase Wine: A decent rule of thumb is to have one bottle for every two guests to ensure that everyone is catered for without going overboard. Consider a selection of wines so that everyone can find something they like. Alternatively, you might throw the party yourself and invite everyone to bring a bottle or two to share. This assures that everyone will find something to like.

Get Snacks: drinking wine on an empty stomach is not a good idea. Although you are not expected to provide dinner, your visitors will always appreciate something to eat. If you’re feeling ambitious, make some killer charcuterie and use that nice bamboo cutting board you’ve been meaning to use.


Play Music: Play some music in the background to set the mood and fill in the pauses between conversations. Just make sure it’s not too loud that you can’t hear yourself speak. If Bridgette starts talking about her ex-boyfriend too much again, change the music and turn up the volume a bit.

Play Games: Prepare for this one. You’ll know when the talk is about to die down in the middle of the night, and you’re here to save the night. Games are an excellent way to keep a Wine Night from ending too soon.

Play It Cool: Don’t get too worked up about Wine Night, in the spirit of keeping it casual. It’s time for you and your friends to unwind without the distractions of children, husbands, or responsibilities. Have a good time and appreciate the time you have to spend with your friends. There’s no need to be anxious.


Keep Them Safe: You don’t have to worry about driving because you’re the host, but some of your guests may not have planned ahead as well. We’ve all been there, and it doesn’t matter because Bridgette gets a lot more interesting after four glasses. Just make sure you get her a cab, Uber, or Lyft. Alternatively, one of your less interesting buddies may offer her a ride home.

Save What You Can:  Save what you can, for life will resume tomorrow, and you’ll appreciate having some wines on hand. If your pals give you some unopened wine, save it for a date night at home. If you don’t get around to drinking some wine before it expires (because you aren’t a snob), it’s still fine to cook with.

Keep Things Tidy:  Even though it’s late, make sure that any spills have been cleaned up and that the wine glasses have been rinsed. You don’t have to finish everything before going to bed, but waking up to a massive mess isn’t ideal.

Here's what you may need for your wine night..