The green living concept and its benefits

Going eco-friendly, commonly referred to as “green living,” is a trend that emphasizes taking actions that are less damaging to the environment. This includes many measures such as lowering carbon emissions, protecting the environment, and minimizing waste. Eco-friendly methods have become more well-liked in recent years as a result of rising awareness of the need to take action to fight against climate change and safeguard the environment. This may be seen in the expansion of industries like sustainable agriculture, green transportation, and renewable energy, as well as in the rise in the number of people and organizations pledging to have a smaller environmental effect.

With all these “Green Living” activities, can we actually see if there are any benefits for us; the consumers? Well, various studies published say that even though we would not be able to see the advantage of going green immediately, the ultimate benefits could be far more impactful on our lives in the medium to long run.

  • Health benefits

Natural, non-toxic substances are frequently used to make eco-friendly products, which can lower the risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals and contaminants. For those who suffer from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, this may be very helpful.

  • Environmental benefits

Utilizing environmentally friendly items can assist in lowering the total environmental effect. This includes minimizing waste and pollution, protecting natural resources, and protecting wildlife and its habitats.

  • Cost-effective

Since they are frequently made to last longer, consume less energy, and require less maintenance, eco-friendly items may wind up being more affordable in the long term.

  • Social benefit

Supporting eco-friendly items may help build sustainable communities and possibly create jobs in the eco-friendly sector.

  • Increased awareness

Utilizing environmentally friendly items can increase awareness of environmental problems and motivate others to make more sustainable decisions.

  • Sense of accomplishment

Using eco-friendly products can give an individual a sense of accomplishment, knowing that they are doing their part to help the environment.

As an e-commerce platform which has been actively engaging with customers for a long time, identified that the company itself could contribute more towards creating a greener life for everyone through various means. As a result, following initiatives have been given a major focus by through creating sustainable partnerships with like-minded businesses. uses a composable filling material to safeguard the gifts, especially from damages that could occur during the delivery. What is so special about this particular product from PAKELLA is that it is made of a starch-based material which is considered to be highly eco-friendly due to its ability to be dissolved in water. and recently replaced its vehicles with Volkswagon’s new ID 4 Electric vehicle through the solid partnership with Moller Auto. Using electricity instead of fuel for transportation has already been seen as a benefit for against rocketing fuel prices, especially in Latvia.

With many more sustainable partnerships to and more eco-friendly initiatives to come, is putting an effort to say no to environmental pollution by doing everything to make lives greener than ever!