WMF is Germany’s number 1 company for household goods. The brand has always stood for special gourmet moments. Therefore, we develop premium products that make every moment special, from preparing and cooking through to dining and drinking. To achieve this, we pay attention to perfection from the initial idea right through to the finished product. After all, we’re convinced that this is the only way you can experience moments that stimulate all your senses and that are anything but ordinary: Moments that are unique, moments that are intense, moments that taste great, look delicious and smell incredibly good – moments when you feel that everything is perfect. Can you feel it too?

We demand the highest standards of our products, and ourselves, and always provide a premium experience.

We constantly strive for the highest quality, from the choice of materials and craftsmanship to our customer service and professionalism.

We are passionate about design. Using our products and every contact with the WMF brand is an aesthetic highpoint.